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Volume IV Publications

Mariam Abdalgadir - Reassessing the “Culturization of Race”: The Black HIV/ AIDS Epidemic

Sarah Amouzandeh, Melani Mattson, Conor Orton, & Cailen Rodriguez - Development and Utilization of The Alien Tort Statute (28 U.S.C.A. § 1350)

Heidi Emmenegger - Multicultural Policy: Nigeria, Canada, and Switzerland

Nathaniel Imel - A Most Wanted Man By Anton Corbijn: Poetics Of Imprisonment

Myungchul Park - Effects of Elaborated Likelihood Model and Attudinal Change Toward the Investments

Hans Yuan & Timothy Lam - A Simulator for Ambulance Dispatch

Volume III Publications

Thomas Spencer - Additive Manufacturing Materials and Design Considerations for Thunniform Propulsion

Mathew Sterling - Air Quality: Population Density and Transportation Emissions

Nicklaus McGuire - Tactical Urbanism: A Plan for the Revitalization of Vacant and Decrepit Spaces

Xingyu Lu - A Time Series Correlation Analysis Using the Keeling Curve as an Alternative Evaluation Method for Carbon Emission Modeling

Farshid Bazmandegan - The Wishes Tree

Adrian Badaracco - Low Effciency Upconversion Nanoparticles for High-Resolution Coalignment of Near-Infrared and Visible Light Paths on a Light Microscope

Volume II Publications

Adrian Badaracco - GD Doped Silica Shells for Tumor Ablation and MRI

Nhat-Dang Do - The Legitimacy of Oppression: The History of of Martial Law in British Controlled Palestine

Tiffany Harrington - The Significance of Bipartite/Tripartite Division of Psyche

Vaish Sridhar - Comprehensive Screenings for Diabetes, Hypertension, and Mental Illness in Rural India

Volume I Publications

Tik-Chee Cheng - Effect of CaMKIIδ Deletion on Sarcomere Structure

Melody Dong - Patient-Specific Modeling of Tetralogy of Fallot

Desmond Leung - Differential Rates of Resilience and Support Sources among Minority Veterans

Shayla Wilson - Law as a Mechanism: A Comparative Perspective on the Perpetuation and Prevention of Violence Against Women in India, Japan, and the United States